Il Volo en Amor presentando una “Noche mágica”


El trío vocal compuesto por el barítono Gianluca Ginoble, el tenor Ignazio Boschetto y el tenor Piero Barone, nos presentan su más reciente disco titulado “Notte magica – A Tribute to the Three Tenors”.

¡Te compartimos las fotos de su visita! 


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  • Lydka

    The suitable quote for Il Volo music : “Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” said by Berthold Auerbach, because the noble art of music belongs among the greatest treasures in the world. My <3 music.
    In today’s world many singers are not real artists, they make music only as a business , they are only ” money makers”, sing often on playback and they have huge and extravagant shows, but forget on the most important things , which are beautiful songs, beautiful voice and singing, and emotions that the singer puts into his performance. These things can make from them great real artists, not just dancing ” mouth openers”, because the music is the mission and expression of love of life, nature, people..,mediation of emotions. There is no old music , only good and bad music.:-) It is not important whether singer is handsome or not ,but important is his voice , his love of singing and music, his passion and joy that he gives into songs , humility , modesty , and mainly charisma and spark in the way of communication through his music. I’m a fan of Il Volo, they are a great example of singers with a passion for music and singing, who give all their feelings and emotions, the heart with soul into singing,their performance is always perfect and heartfelt. Il Volo, bring beautiful music to all generations, are great singers, who know with charm and talent to win the favor and full hearts of fans and viewers.